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Due to the fact that the English Version for PC was not available, and that the version I am playing is an English port with translation from PS3 to the PC, there are a lot of scenes missing (and added) and a lot of additional characters which doesn't seemed to quite fit (e.g. Hiraga Gennai, Hijikata Toshizo, Sasaki Kojiro). If you don't see the same missions, scenes or have additional missions, you may choose to act upon them accordingly.


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  2. Introduction
  3. How to Use
  4. General Strategy
  5. Zipang Walkthrough (WJPN)
  6. India Walkthrough (WIND)
  7. Mongolia Walkthrough (WMON)
  8. Taika Walkthrough (WTAI)


This is a step by step walkthrough to the True Ending for Eiyuu Senki. It contains spoilers and includes steps to obtain all items. This means that the game will get significantly difficult as it progresses and you are recommended to make game saves at every critical junction (i.e. before declaring war with other factions). As long as your opponent country is not hostile, they will not gain troops while you rest. Your own judgement is required to build up sufficiently before the next declaration of war. Another point to note is that due to how luck plays a part in each battle, there will not be a turn by turn guide for each battle. Make your own wise decisions to get Great Victory and cut losses when possible.

How to Use

*Work in Progress*

Zipang Walkthrough (WJPN)

India Walkthrough (WIND)

Mongolia Walkthrough (WMON)

Taika Walkthrough (WTAI)

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