List of Bonus Items

Critical Rate is how often you do critical hits. Base crit rate is 10%
Critical Damage is how much extra damage your critical hits do. Crits only negate all defense by default.
Hate is how much attention you attract from enemies. Hate is gained when dealing damage. Accumulated hate (usually) increase equal to 1/5 damage dealt. Volatile hate (usually) increase equal to 100% damage deal among other things but is is decreased accordingly when taken damage.
Wait is how long you need to charge a special attack.
Delay is the time until your next turn in battle.
Break Balls are what allows you to use special attacks. 10 break balls = 1 brave orb.
Static damage increase/reduction items are applied ignoring all damage multipliers (defense, crit, advantage, shield, item). The resulting damage is taken into account for break ball reward but not hate calculation.

Number Item Name Effect Where
00–04 043.png Ruby (ルビー) Attack +1 Complete Mission "Suppressing the Bandit Survivors"
Complete Himiko Mission #1
Complete Mission "Exploring Lover's Cape"
Capture Bali before finding the Port Moresby Sea Route
Complete Mission "Visiting Easter Island"
05–09 047.png Emerald (エメラルド) Defence +1 Complete Himiko Mission #2
Capture Lhasa before conquering the Taika Empire
Complete Lancelot Mission #2
Complete Mission "Exploring The Museum Island"
Complete Mission "Touring Kamchatka's Volcano"
10–14 045.png Topaz (トパーズ) Damage taken -100 Capture Ceylon before Kandahar
Complete Oda Nobunaga Mission #3
Complete Mission "Visiting Cape Venus"
Complete Mission "Badminton On The Hill"
Complete Mission "Exploring the City Of Flowers"
15–19 046.png Sapphire (サファイア) Speed +1 Complete Minamoto no Yoshitsune Mission #1
Complete Himiko Mission #3
Complete Mission "Hanging Out in the Pyramid"
Complete Mission "Marco Polo's Tourist Information"
20–24 049.png Alexandrite (アレキサンドライト) Delay -5 Complete Mission "Exploring the Acient Lake"
Complete Mission "The Ancient Fort"
Complete Alexander Mission #1
Complete Mission "Cultivating the Barren Soil"
Complete Mission "Exploring Mt. Saint Michael"
25–29 048.png Amethyst (アメジスト) Luck +1 (Critical Rate +10%) Complete Nobunaga Mission #1
Capture Samarkand before Urgench
Complete Mission "Searching the Apple Orchard"
Complete Mission "A Duel At The Casino"
Complete Mission "Beneath Niagara Falls"
30–34 044.png Pearl (パール) Healing (Regeneration) +10% Complete Musashibo Benkei Mission #1
Capture Loulan before Capturing Chang'an
Occupy Aotearoa before conquering Hawaii
Complete Mission "Exploring the Fossilized Coast"
Complete Mission "Investigating the Black Market"
35 a32.png Selenite (セレナイト) Damage taken -200 Complete Galahad Mission #3
36 a38.png Hihiirokane (ヒヒイロカネ) Damage taken -500 Complete Magoroku Kanemoto Mission #1
37 a37.png Orichalum (オリハルコン) Damage taken -1,000 Complete Da Vinci Mission #3
38 a26.png Horse Gem (馬宝石) Critical Hit damage taken -10% Beat Mongolia before Taika
39 a10.png Penglai Jewel (蓬莱の玉) Critical Hit damage taken -20% Complete Himiko Mission #5
40 a34.png Dragon Jewel (龍玉) Critical Hit damage taken -30% Complete Sigfried Mission #1
41 024.png Onimaru (鬼丸) Attack +2 Complete Benkei Mission #3
42 013.png Mistilteinn (ミスティルテイン) Attack +3 Complete Mission "Investigating Valhalla"
43 015.png Dōjigiri (童子切) Attack +5 when troops are below 20% Complete Mission "Visiting the Flea Market"
44 006.png Juzumaru (数珠丸) Damage +100 Complete Mission "Deal With This Junk Treasure"
45 005.png Joyeuse (ジュワユーズ) Damage +200 Capture Stockholm before conquering EU
46 017.png Shichiseiken (七星剣) Damage +500 Complete Lu Bu Mission #4
47 018.png Futsumitama (布都御魂) Damage +1,000 Complete Magoroku Kanemoto Mission #2
48 014.png Mikazuki Munechika (三日月宗近) Critical Rate +20% Complete Benkei Mission #4
49 004.png Durandal (デュランダル) Critical Rate +30% Complete Mission "Playing at the Circular Arena"
50 009.png Laevateinn (レーヴァテイン) Critical Rate +50% Complete Gilgamesh Mission #4
51 a33.png Agneyastra (アグヤネストラ) Critical Rate +50% when troops are under 20% Complete Oda Nobunaga Mission #5
52 007.png Ōtenta (大典太) Critical Damage +10% Complete Mission "Revival of the Silk Road"
53 022.png Gandiva (ガーンデーヴァ) Critical Damage +20% Complete Kublai Khan Mission #3
54 010.png Vajra (ヴァジュラ) Critical Damage +30% Complete Ivan Mission #4
55 a19.png Aetite (アェタイト) Advantageous Damage +10% Complete Drake Mission #1
56 012.png Hauteclaire (オートクレール) Advantageous Damage +20% Complete Benkei Mission #6
57 016.png Mjolnir (ミョルニル) Advantageous Damage +30% Complete Mission "Exploring Stonehenge"
58 031.png Ancile (アンキレー) Defence +2 Complete Caesar Mission #1
59 030.png Shield of Aegis (イージスの盾) Defence +3 Complete Arthur Mission #3
60 029.png Ochain (オハン) Defense +5 when troops under 20% Complete Lancelot Mission #4
61 a36.png Phoenix Feather (鳳凰の羽根) Speed+2 Complete Ivan Mission #2
62 a15.png Shoes of Hermes (ヘルメスの靴) Speed +3 Complete Alexander Mission #4
63 025.png The Art of War (兵法書) Speed +5 when troops under 20% Complete Sun Tzu Mission #4
64 003.png Icarus' Wings (イカロスの翼) Delay -10 Complete Napoleon Mission #3
65 002.png Falcon Feather Cloak (鷹の羽衣) Delay -15 Complete Percival Mission #2
66 a21.png Vimana (ヴィマーナ) Half movement delay Beat India before Mongolia
67 001.png Gullinbursti (グリンブルスティ) Always act first in battle Beat Macedonia before the Indias
68 036.png Brisingamen (ブリーシンガメン) Wait -10 Complete Columbus Mission #1
69 028.png Draupnir (ドラウプニル) Wait -20 Capture Uxmal Before Capturing Tenochtitlan
70 026.png Megingjörd (メギンギョルズ) Wait -30 Complete Hammurabi Mission #1
71 a12.png Golden Fleece (金毛の羊皮) Accumulative Hate (Can't decrease) -50% Complete Abe no Seimei Mission #4
72 039.png Philosopher’s Stone (賢者の石) Accumulative Hate (Can't decrease) -100% Conquer Russia before conquering the EU
73 a23.png Talisman (タリスマン) Volatile Hate (Fluctuates) -20% Complete Abe no Seimei Mission #2
74 a18.png Jade Mask (ヒスイの仮面) Volatile Hate (Fluctuates) -50% Complete Montezuma Mission #3
75 034.png Helm of Hades (隠れ兜) Volatile Hate (Fluctuates) -100% Capture Angola before conquering the Dark Realm
76 a20.png Wine of Bacchus (バッカスの酒) Volatile Hate (Fluctuates) +50% Complete Teach Mission #1
77 a24.png Lia Fáil (リア・ファイル) Volatile Hate (Fluctuates) +100% Complete Lancelot Mission #8
78 050.png Hope Diamond (ホープダイヤ) Volatile Hate (Fluctuates) +200% Complete Kid Mission #3
79 a17.png Phoenician Manuscript (ヴァイニッチ手稿) Increase battle turn limit by 10 Conquer the USA without purchasing it
80 a41.png Agastya's Leaves (アガスティアの葉) Increase battle turn limit by 15 Complete Beethoven Mission #1
81 a02.png Crystal Skull (水晶ドクロ) Increase battle turn limit by 20 Complete Huayn Capac Mission #1
82 a27.png Tetrabiblos (テトラビブロス) Get 5 Break Balls at the start of battle Complete Copernicus Mission #3
83 a28.png Almagest (アルマゲスト) Get 10 Break Balls at the start of battle Complete Galileo Mission #2
84 a29.png Cosmographia (コスモグラフィア) Get 20 Break Balls at the start of battle Complete Mission "Suppress Aglomois"
85 a40.png Sibylline Books (シビュレの書) Add 1 Break Ball every turn Complete Nostradamus Mission #1
86 041.png Rosetta Stone (ロゼッタストーン) Add 2 Break Balls every turn Complete Billy the Kid Mission #4
87 032.png Yasakani no Magatama (八尺瓊勾玉) Add 3 Break Balls every turn Complete Yamato Takeru Mission #1
88 a08.png Emerald Tablet (エメラルドタブレット) Get 10 Break Balls on your turn Complete Teach Mission #4
89 038.png Imperial Seal of China (伝国璽) Get 10 Break Balls when killed in battle Complete Mission "Exploring Huaquin"
90 042.png Ariadne's Thread (アリアドネの糸) Get 20 Break Balls when killed in battle Complete Mission "Finding the Blue Cavern"
91 a39.png Book of the Dead (死者の書) Get 30 Break Balls when killed in battle Complete Sanzo Hoshi Mission #3
92 037.png Akashic Record (アカシックレコード) Consume 1 less Break Ball when using a skill Complete Nostradomas Mission #3
93 a09.png Soma (ソーマ) Regeneration +20% Complete Abe no Seimei Mission #6
94 a35.png Tai Sui (太歳) Regeneration +30% Complete Yoshitsune Mission #5
95 a14.png Amrita (アムリタ) Regeneration +50% Complete Mission "Let's Make Curry"
96 a03.png Elixir (エリクサー) Regeneration +100% Beat Egypt before the USA
97 a22.png Unicorn Horn (ユニコーンの角) Heal amount +20% when being healed Complete Vlad Mission #4
98 a06.png Mandragora (マンドラゴラ) Heal amount +50% when being healed Complete Charlemagne Mission #3
99 033.png Yata no Kagami (八咫鏡) Heal amount +100% when being healed Complete Yamato Takeru Mission #4
100 027.png Orpheus' Lyre (オルフェウスの竪琴) Recover 5% of units on your turn Complete Tadataka Mission #5
101 035.png Gjallarhorn (ギャラルホルン) Recover 10% of units Complete Siegfried Mission #2
102 a25.png Heidrún (ヘイズルーン) Recover 20% of units on Standby Complete Alexander Mission #3
103 a11.png Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge (知恵の実) Victory and Great Victory bonus +50% Conquer Hawaii before conquering Australia
104 a05.png Golden Cockerel (金の鶏) Victory and Great Voctory bonus +100% Complete Kay Mission #2
105 a13.png Golden Apple (黄金のリンゴ) Victory and Great Victory bonus +150% Complete Hercules Mission #2
106 a04.png Ambrosia (アンブロシア) Victory and Great Voctory bonus +200% Complete Arthur Mission #1
107 040.png Uchide no Kozuchi (打ち出の小槌) Receive bonus funds after battle. The amount gained is equal to the sum of total HP of the enemy Complete Goemon Mission #1
108 023.png Gungnir (グングニル) Citical Hit once Complete Mission "Exploring Atlantis"
109 a01.png Banana-Leaf Fan (芭蕉扇) Take 0 Critical Damage once Complete Nero Mission #1
110 a07.png Homunculus (ホムンクルス) Take 0 damage once Complete Faust Mission #4
111 a30.png Pandora’s Box (パンドラの箱) Have 0 delay once Complete Archimedes Mission #3
112 a16.png Tamatebako (玉手箱) Have 0 wait once Conquer Vinland before the Inca
113 a31.png Bottomless Kettle (尽きずの釜) Have 1 troop remaining after death once Complete Rasputin Mission #1
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