I Really Hate Wikidot

So, I've been trying to make the best out of this shit and get the wiki presentable, but fuck this site. Why is so much standardized wiki functionality missing? Why can I adjust cell width of a table but not height, or vertical alignment but not the horizontal alignment of a cell? Why are files attached to individual pages instead of going to a central file hub that you can link from freely? Why are pages limited to a pitiful 200k characters? I'm constantly bombarded by frustration and setbacks and have to waste time trying to figure out workarounds for what I want to do. I'm highly considering making a wikia instead, and I really can't stand that site either. At least that garbage heap isn't so ridiculously restrictive though. So, I just wanted to voice an apology for jumping ship. If anyone would like to pick up where I left off on this site, email me at lolisauce [at] meltybread [dot] com for my excel sheet of all of the game's translated data and whatever ripped images from the game you'd like.
~ LoliSauce

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