1: List of heroes.

You may choose who to battle with from your available characters (those who have HP and haven't been used in the current turn for missions). Place them on the field by either dragging them from the list or clicking a spot in the field and then their name. You may have a maximum of 6 heroes on the field to begin with.

2: Remove

Removes the character you last placed on the field.

3: Begin Battle

You may begin when there are 1–6 characters on the field.

4: Character Information

You can view the stats and attacks of all characters on-field. To exit this, click the return arrow at the bottom of the screen or right click.

5: Reload

Reloads the current battle.

6: Evacuate

You may click this to evacuate and retreat from battle.

7: Undo

This button seems to return you to the map with no consequences.

8: Description

A description of what's going on.

9: Options

Save is disabled whilst in battle, but you can access the quit, start menu, preferences, text history and load menus.

10: Break Ball Meter

Certain actions in battle will give you Break Ball points. Approximately 10 Break Ball points create one Break Ball which can be used for various special attacks. You can't have more than 10 Break Balls at a time, so it's wise to use them while you can.

11: Turn Limit

Defeat or dispose of most of the enemies before the turn limit runs out or you will lose. The standard battle turn limit is 50 individual turns, which can be increased by certain items. Decisive battles will not have a turn limit.



1: Mission Name

The mission name will appear at the top of the screen,

2: Requirements

In order to go through with the mission, you must fill the skill areas listed. Often you'll have to select multiple characters to meet the numbers as each hero has a certain amount of each skill.

3: Characters Being Used

Once you select a character, they will appear in this space. You may only have 9 characters in any one mission. You may exceed the required skill amount if you want.

4: Special Character Missions

Often you'll get character missions which require you to take a specific hero along. These missions count towards a character's heart total (seen on their status screen). When the hearts are close to full, the character will gain a certain power that gives a passive bonus in battle. Special missions may also give you items or sex scenes.

5: Available Characters

Specific skills needed for the mission will be highlighted and unneeded skills will be greyed out. You may choose to send any of your available characters, but be aware that they can only be used once per round and will not be available for spontaneous battles should they occur during the enemy's turn.

6: Unavailable Characters

These characters are greyed out and have already been used this round in either other missions or battles.

7: Return

This will return you to the previous screen.

8: Begin Mission

If you have fulfilled all requirements, you may begin the mission.

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