Himiko (ヒミコ)
Nation: Zipang
Found in: Zipang

Stats and Abilities

Combat Stats
Attack Defense Speed
5 8 7
Technique List
Ability Name Effect Brave Wait Delay Power
Magic Attack Magic Attack [3*3] 0 0 150 1.0
Healing Heal Ally 25% [3*3] 1 0 100 0
Refresh Remove status [1*3] 2 0 150 0
Hetsu-Kagami Heal 50% & Remove status [1*3] 5 0 300 0
Passive Ability Effect
Love Double recovery amount
Mission Stats
1 4 1 0 0 0
Mission Name Location Requirements Reward Comment
#1 Himiko and Yoshistune's Study Guide Yamatai Research +2 [Item] Ruby After gaining control of Kyoto
#2 Going to the Hot Spring with Everyone Yamatai Exploration +7, Construction +4 [Item] Emerald, CG After conquering the Taika Empire and after gaining control of Ulan Bator
#3 In the Mood for a Morning Bath Yamatai Bartering +8 [Item] Sapphire, CG After gaining control of Samarkand
#4 Himiko's Foresight Guam Exploration +12, Construction +6 [Ability] Refresh After gaining control of Port Moresby; there is a battle
#5 A Thankful Date Yamatai Exploration +12, Diplomacy +8 [Item] Pengali Jewel, CG After gaining control of Dallas
#6 Studying the Heroes' Clothing Yamatai Research +16, Construction +8 Increase equipped item limit by one, CG After gaining control of Hong Kong
#7 Holiday in Rome Rome Exploration +15, Bartering +12 [Passive Ability] Love After gaining control of Rome
#8 Thanks For Everything Yamatai Bartering +18, Construction +14 [Hero Ability] Hetsu-Kagami, CG After gaining control of Vladivostok


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The Queen of Yamatai, Himiko is the one entrusted with rulership of Yamatai. She has the ability to see the future, but these powers were suppressed greatly due to the trauma brought about by the death of her mother and the disappearance of Yamoto-Tekeru, the ruler of Zipang. The vision of a great disaster in the future gave birth in her a desire to conquer the world to stop this from happening. However, her recklessness and lack of strategy lead to many defeats before the day the Protagonist saved her from a horde of bandits.

She has been a friend of both other rulers of Zipang, Minomoto no Yoshitsune and Oda Nobunaga, since they were all young, though she treats Yoshitsune as a demonic tutor and Nobunaga as a rival. Because of this, despite each group wishing to gain control, these two were easily willing to surrender and join army of Himiko, which eventually became the united Zipang.

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